You've finally arrived. Meet our Founder and Coach, Ruhee Shaikh

Let's spark a ripple effect of well-being, transforming individuals, families, and communities.

Ruhee Shaikh is the founder of 360 Health and Integrative Nutrition Inc. and a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (New York, USA). She has a bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology, and certification in Human Resources Management. 
Even before transitioning into the health coaching space professionally, Ruhee has been coaching and counseling friends and colleagues throughout her successful corporate career spanning more than two decades . She has relocated and resided in four different countries, all the while managing professional commitments, pursuing academic endeavors, and fulfilling familial responsibilities. 

Now settled in the United States, Ruhee helps her clients find balance in their multidimensional health. In her work, she inculcates firm values of trust and integrity, respect for all, confidentiality and an unwavering dedication to her client’s wellbeing.

We tend to limit the definition of health to just “physical health”,  however staying healthy is so much more than eating healthy and exercising regularly. As the Founder of 360 Health and Integrative Nutrition Inc., I aspire to spread awareness about the multidimensionality of health and balancing all the aspects of health to be truly happy and healthy. I hope to start a ripple effect which results in happier healthier people, families, and communities.”  – Ruhee Shaikh

What I've Discovered

- Your circumstances are not your identity.

- Your failures don't shape your essence.

- Your doubters can't define your worth.

- It's YOU who define your narrative.


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